Dawson Racing Announces Completion of
First Phase of Hydrogen-Electric Technology Development

HOUSTON, Texas, January 11, 2023 – After three years of research and development work Houston, Texas-based Dawson Racing announces the completion of Phase 1 of their Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Battery Systems evaluation.

Completed with support from Chevron Technology Ventures and by private funding, Dawson Racing will enter Phase 2, which includes construction of a fully sustainable vehicle using many disruptive technology innovations.

“We have been working on this research and development towards a hydrogen electric vehicle for the past three years,” said Ian Dawson, CEO/COO of Dawson Racing. “Having partners like Chevron Ventures and a number of others, as well as our private funding partners, has enabled us to complete this important first phase and move us towards the second and third phases with great clarity of this disruptive technology whose time is critical for our sustainable future in the automotive world and beyond.”

Dawson, who has led the technology group for the past few years, is an engineering disruptor in his own right. He was the first to take a production diesel engine LMP1 car to Le Mans in 2003. Additionally, he supplied the initial development chassis for the Ford Eco Boost V6 turbo for Roush engines in 2012. This car went on to run and finish in its first ever race at Laguna Seca Raceway in 2013.

The hydrogen supply system created by Dawson and his team will be produced via metal and chemical hydride technologies. Currently three formula partners are in advanced stages for low pressure operation, not using large, heavy storage vessels like most current systems utilized today.

The battery storage units will be based off emerging non-lithium iron or cobalt technologies that charge at a rapid rate, giving minimum down time, as well as a lower temperature output, which is crucial for less battery heat. Advanced electric motors are also in the final test stages and will supply around 500 kw of energy from multiple units.

A current LMP2-based race car is in advanced build as a mule test platform as Dawson Racing continues to evaluate and innovate components and materials for future development in the racing arena.

In addition to Dawson Racing’s Houston base, a second technology centre has been established in the United Kingdom. A second chassis is being built based on a GT concept car, which is currently 75% completed in design and will be an entirely new product.

More exciting news will be forthcoming as the 2023 evaluation work is completed in coming months. Dawson continues to assess future needs in the use of sustainable concepts and materials, most of which the team’s partners have already demonstrated their value during the test car build.

Dawson Racing continues to secure increased partner involvement and financial partners as it moves closer to Phase 3. Use of virtual simulation content through Dawson’s D3 company, run by Simon Dawson, continues to show value in transforming the future.

A clear vision and plan are in development as the next testing phase is completed and the technology of partner companies produce satisfactory results for product development to go to market with the emerging hydrogen-electric technology.

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Dawson Racing is a highly competent manager, owner, and operator of an international sports car racing team. Its principals, Ian and Simon Dawson, have over 60 years of experience with factory and private global racing teams including engineering, technology, infrastructure, and marketing resources.

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