Dawson Racing Announces New Office Location

A building with trees and bushes in front of it.

HOUSTON (August 18, 2022) — Dawson Racing today announced its move to new offices at The Cannon on Brittmoore in West Houston, located close to downtown Houston.

The Cannon calls its community is a global, experience-based ecosystem of aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up founders, mentors, business advisors, service providers, corporate innovators and investors of all kinds supported by the resources – workspace, entrepreneurial programming & events, business tools, enabling technology, and support for collective success.

“We were not really using our former space to capacity and the time was right with our energy transition to get into downtown Houston to be in the center of the activity and to make it easier for meetings and airport travel,†said Ian Dawson, CEO/COO of Dawson Racing. “As we evolve Dawson Racing towards the future, we needed a hub to collaborate with partners, have meetings, and much more that Houston and this space offers. The Cannon was the perfect place and rather full circle for us since we were part of the first watch party here with MAINLINE.GG in early 2018, before work started and the vision was coming to life. The expansion of Houston is what we presently needed to be a part of and to be accessible to all established, emerging and relocating businesses. Now we’re at this terrific location continuing to expand towards an exciting future.â€