Dawson Racing D3+Transformers Post Qualifying Notes Quotes for Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Three men in racing suits posing for a picture.

HOUSTON, Texas, June 26 – The No. 84 Dawson Racing D3+Transformers LMP3 turned its first laps in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship this weekend at Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, N.Y. Drivers include Norway’s Theodor Olsen, United Kingdom’s Ben Devlin and American Dominic Cicero.

Today Olsen made his IMSA debut, first in the morning practice and then qualifying the No. 84 D3+Transformers car today in the fifth position in class with a time of 1:42.256 and average speed of 119.699 mph. Devlin and Cicero are long-time IMSA competitors for two decades.

Ian Dawson, CEO/COO, No. 84 D3+Transformers LMP3:

“We are very pleased to launch the D3+ Transformers at Watkins Glen this week. We have been working in this short schedule on new car final preparations, dialing in the three drivers who have never raced together and getting everyone happy and ready for the six-hour race.â€

Theodor Olsen, driver, No. 84 D3+Transformers LMP3:

“I’m so happy being with the Dawson Racing team and back in the U.S. now after Covid, it’s great, I love it. We have been planning on racing together with the Dawsons for a while so I’m so happy we can start racing again. We’ve got it.

“Qualifying went well for me, I think. I didn’t have much time in the car in the practice sessions, so, for me, this was a practice and then I just tried to set my personal best time and I think I got it. So, I’m really happy. “We have some work to do with the car, just some small items, and then I think we’re ready. Just need to stay safe out there, just try to get everything sorted and be ready for six hours of racing.â€

Dominic Cicero, driver, No. 84 D3+Transformers LMP3:

“It’s good to be back in the WeatherTech paddock, especially in a familiar car from last year, as I drove in the LMP3 series then. I have been gelling with the team and we’re working together really well. I think the three of us drivers are a really good fit. Theodor is young and kind of experiencing the whole IMSA thing for the first time; Ben and I have been in the WeatherTech paddock for a number of years, so we’ve helped him kind of get used to things and helping coach him a little bit into that world. But Theo’s ripping it up on track. He’s going so quick and is a good shaped driver. I think for his age he can hold it together under pressure and is very mature. Ben and I work really well together.

“We’re chasing a few gremlins with the car from the limited track time we’ve had, but I think we’re going to have a good race car. Theodor qualified P5 (fifth position in class), so I’m loving it and excited for the race.
I think we’re just going to try to stay in the race tomorrow, stay out of trouble and do consistent laps. It seems like that’s the name of the game with LMP3, as there’s a mix of drivers that are in some of these cars. We can really pull in both Ben’s and my strong suits in the endurance racing side of things, and just be consistent, smooth and get out of the pit stops clean and just run a smarter race. because I think the limited track time was holding back some of that ultimate qualifying time, but the race pace I think we’re right on target so that’s good. I’m excited for the matchup here and hopefully this is just the start.â€

Ben Devlin, driver, No. 84 D3+Transformers LMP3:

“Obviously, the first thing is being so happy to be here, It’s taken a long time and I haven’t put as much effort into this weekend as Simon and his dad have, but this is something me and Simon spoke about when we were in school together. It’s been over 20 years in the making to do a drive with Simon and Ian’s team so it’s just special. To see the car go out yesterday for even one lap meant a lot. It is, really nice to see what they’ve done. I know that they’ve had some ups and downs, but they’ve pulled themselves together as a father-and-son combination and it’s lovely to see them working like that and to be as strong and as close as they are. For me to still have this friendship and get to be involved now when they’ve gotten to this point is really fantastic!

“Driving with Dominic and Theo make great teammates and I think we stand a really good chance for the weekend. Theo’s a young lad, very inexperienced with IMSA as this is his first outing here, but he’s stepped up to the challenge and done very well. He’s been a pleasure to be with the last few days as is Dominic, as I’m just getting to know him as well. The whole team has really pulled together, because everyone is coming together for the first time, finding their feet, where their role is, and not stepping on anyone’s toes, but they’ve all pulled together. It’s a lovely atmosphere to be within the Dawson Racing team again so it’s great. For me to be back at IMSA, it’s incredible and everybody’s made me really welcome up and down the pit lane again. I’m hopeful we’ll have a good race, but competition will be touch, as it always is in IMSA. If we keep our nose clean, keep out of trouble, hopefully we can pick up some places and be in the fight at the end of the six hours. That’s why it’s the pinnacle of motorsport and sports car racing.â€

Racing partners for the No. 84 entry include Hasbro and Chevron Technology Ventures.