REV3AL Announces Exciting New Partnership with Dawson Racing to Further the Virtual-to-Real Program

November 10, 2022….REV3AL, a leading cybersecurity company in the Web3 space, is announcing their new partnership with Dawson Racing and the D3eSports program. This partnership begins with the announcement of REV3ALs team in the Virtual-to-Real esports program hosted by Dawson Racing and aligns strategically with both companies as they look to transform their respective industries. This is an exciting step for the REV3AL brand as they move through their product delivery roadmap and further expansion of their partner ecosystem.

The partnership and esports program strongly align with REV3ALs core values of safety and performance, and both companies believe strongly in a shared vision of providing meaningful community engagement that incorporates education, sustainable development and collaboration among like-minded people and companies.

The esports tournament comprises 8 teams, carefully selected by Dawson, with REV3AL being recognized for the value and importance of what they are trying to accomplish in the growing Web3 economy.

With exciting plans to protect video game assets and gamers in the future, REV3ALs plan to offer protection and authentication in the digital space is key. REV3AL are now launching their recruitment campaign to source not only talented drivers but also members of their community interested in design and development, before competing in December of 2022, and beyond into 2023. With the virtual eSports tournaments tied to ‘real world’ experiences and directly to Dawson Racing’s participation in major Motorsports events, everyone at REV3AL is excited to progress this important partnership. 

Simon Dawson, President and VP Marketing at Dawson Racing told REV3AL that in relation to safety, which is paramount in his industry, “the faster you go (in racing), the further up the road you have to look.†This is as true in motorsports racing as it is in security and technology and is the intersection where innovation, preparedness, and expectation meet.

This simple, yet powerful statement parallels REV3AL’s philosophy inspired by the Wayne Gretzky quote to “skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” This concept is crucial in security as they work to adapt and prepare for future threats, but also to predict, as accurately as possible, the future needs of individuals, artists, creatives, and collectors in the Web3 space.

“After being on track and on pace at back-to-back races with our [physical] car, we plan to grow with a consortium of like-minded companies working towards a more sustainable future,†added Dawson. “Our strategic partnerships embrace our technology-driven plan of the automotive future.â€

REV3AL will also be participating in the STEM centered education program to provide Cybersecurity educational guides and content.

About REV3AL

REV3AL is at the forefront of security technology in the Web3 & Blockchain space, with the goal to provide new & dynamic security solutions to protect creators, artists and users. REV3AL offers the ability to protect digital media assets such as NFTs, Avatars, In-Game Assets and more, by applying a unique, encrypted marker that follows the asset around the internet providing protection at the core creation level. With plans for its own NFT Marketplace and Avatar Creation Portal, REV3AL will provide a fun and engaging, but still security centric, user experience.

REV3AL’s vision is not only to solve real problems in the industry today, but also to provide simple but robust solutions in the future to protect and provide confidence to the millions of expected new users into the Web3 space.

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About Dawson Racing

Dawson Racing is a highly competent manager, owner and operator of an international sports car racing team. Its principals, Ian and Simon Dawson, have over 60 years of experience with factory and private global racing teams including engineering, technology, infrastructure and marketing resources. For more information, please visit:

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